A whole life conducting orchestras around the world

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Luis Carlos Badía has conducted more than 30 orchestras across all of Europe, America and Asia. During this time, in Spain, he gathered international talent and created his very own Orchestra called “21st Century Orchestra”. Also, He was Principal Guest Conductor of the Bari´s “Teatro Petrucelli” Orchestra from 2005 to 2007 and Chief Conductor of the Nimes Philarmonic Orchestra from 2003-2008. His talent inspired the orchestras he conducted, with the musicians growing fond of the Maestro. This aspect of his charisma has been noted and remarked by the press and critics.

Conducted orchestras

  • Nimes Philharmonic Orchestra (France)
  • Riga Symphony Orchestra (Latvia)
  • Mexico State Orchestra (Mexico)
  • Kaliningrad Philharmonic Orchestra (Russia)                                  
  • Prague Symphony Orchestra (Czech Republic)
  • Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania)
  • Petruzzeli Theatre Symphony Orchestra - Bari (Italy)
  • Budapest Symphony Orchestra (Hungry)
  • Magna Grecia Orchestra (Italia)
  • Academic Orchestra of Vienna (Austria)
  • I Solisti Aquilani Orchestra (Italy)
  • Kiev Symphony Orchestra .(Ukraine)
  • Il Armónico Veneziano Orchestra (Italy)
  • Symphony Orchestra of the Umberto Giordano Theatre (Italy)
  • Manheim Chamber Orchestra (Germany)
  • Pescara Symphony Orchestra (Italy)
  • Sibiu Symphony Orchestra (Romania)
  • Lecce Symphony Orchestra (Italy)
  • Riga Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra (Latvia)
  • Ekaterinoslav Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine)
  • Teplice Symphony Orchestra (Czech Republic)
  • Brest Symphony Orchestra (Belarus)
  • Chamber Orchestra of D.F. Mexico (Mexico)
  • Pescara International Orchestra (Italy)
  • Festival Symphony Orchestra and Master Classes (Switzerland)
  • Bari Concert Society Orchestra (Italy)
  • Foundation Auno-Luis Carlos Badía 21st Century Orchestra(Spain)
  • Chamber Orchestra of Ukranie (Ukranie)
  • Brest Chamber Orchestra (Belarus)
  • Ekaterinoslav Chamber Orchestra (Ukraine)
  • Chamber Orchestra of Nimes Philharmonic (France)
  • Sornetan Festival Chamber Orchestra (Switzerland)
  • Bari Province Symphony Orchestra (Italy)
  • Brasov Chamber Orchestra (Romania)