Clases Magistrales de práctica en orquesta de Cámara Riopar

The beginning of the 21st Century Orchestra

The Masterclasses on Chamber Music have been a continuation of the experience acquired through the years, when Maestro Badia was invited to organise a similar master class type in a natural environmanet - Jure, Switzerland.
Upon the commencement of the Chamber music masterclass in Riopar, the first orchestra in Castilla la Mancha was formed. This courses are well established now and have a great future, given the affluence of students coming from all around Spain and abroad. The positive feedback received fuels our motivation to keep promoting these courses: “The first concert took place in a medieval setting in the area of old Riopar, where the venue was filled with people. The audience was delighted with pieces from Motzart, Bemstein, Badia, Guerrero and more. Their music was welcomed by the audience, who burst in an applause and standing ovation. The positive reaction led to the conductor performing several pieces not included in the programme.” – La Tribuna de Albacete.
The highly qualified professorship participating in these courses taught the students how to develop their own technical and expressive skills via thorough chamber music practice. These practical sessions were based upon the music principles of the Russian School of String Music as well as the best aesthetical tradition in the European music culture.